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Hen Weekend Houses – York


The perfect hen weekend houses for discerning ladies who crave a hearty measure of decadence, style and class…

Are you tired of the cliché hen night of drunken debauchery? Or do you and your friends just want a girl’s weekend away in a relaxed, quiet environment in the heart of Yorkshire. Do you want a memorable holiday full of fresh air, shopping, cocktails and beautiful scenery? Why not let Big Weekend help you to choose a fabulous weekend houses for a stylish, sophisticated weekend house party that you and the other ladies of your party deserve – and that you will remember always? We have some amazing celebration houses for you to discover, that sleep large groups and are situated in a beautiful village close to York City Centre. Stay a while and lap up the elegance and luxury of your surroundings whilst catching-up with your closest friends – after all, one night of nattering is never enough for girls who haven’t seen each other in a while!

If you are looking to get away from it all with our own exclusive hen party houses and celebration cottages away from home our hen party rural self-catering accommodation is definitely the way to go.

With our self-catering hen weekend guide, picking and planning is easy, simply select the property that suits you, we have cottages that sleep 8 to 17 people, check the availability, if you’re unsure of anything feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you plan everything. We can offer a range of activities from Pamper sessions to horse riding lessons. Check out our activities in our self-cater hen weekend guide below.


Leader of the Pack

Even with the best intentions, the professorially planned time schedule, you just can’t do it all. You’ve got all your friends to help you, so make sure they know their duty’s well in advance. E.G. who’s responsible for the champagne, wine, breakfast, aspirin etc. And double-check they’ve got it all under control 2 days before your weekend begins.



Bedroom antics 

The early hen gets the best room, the earlier you arrive at the property location the sooner you can claim the best room / bed. But whatever room you end up with you want to know it’s going to be comfortable and that the facilities are in keeping with your own high standards. We would always recommend that if you have any concerns about being away then be prepared, and that means by bringing your favourite pillow, your hang over hoodie and your favourite snuggle blanket. We all have one.

Prepare for breakfast & pack the paracetamol

You are not going to get room service or breakfast when you take on self-catering accommodation, so make sure you’ve got enough rescue supplies to get you going first thing in the morning. For some that means toast, for others coca cola, for others coffee and a Resolve. Just make sure you’ve got this covered and the mornings will be a lot more manageable.



Prepare to party

Make sure you’ve enough champagne, wine and water. think of refreshments in 3 parts, the night, the morning and the days. Better to have slightly too much then nowhere near enough.

Wining & dining

Don’t forget the food. breakfast is mentioned above but what are you going to do for lunch and dinner. Are you going to cook yourself, order in? Where will you get supplies? Are you going to eat out? Is it possible for you to get caterers in? remember failing to plan is planning to fail, you don’t want a hungry mutiny on your hands! And besides the bride-to-be will want to enjoy a memorable hen night dinner for all the right reasons with her girls. Upon your request we can provide a list of supermarkets that will deliver direct to your houses.


Always take the Weather with you

In this glorious country of ours the weather often like a stalking ex, catches us by surprise. It may be hotter the Prada fakes is colder the boss’s wife, either way we can’t be responsible for the weather and we won’t be able to tell nor will we be able to do anything about it on the weekends.

Play time

How are you going to fill your time? what have you got planned? Set yourself up a schedule to get the most out of your weekend and you will. Forget to plan to do anything and there is potential to under-cook what should be an unforgettable weekend. Just let us know and we can help. We have various activities, take a look at our activity list to find out more.


Wine toast, canon 1Ds mark III

Behaviour & Responsibilities

Obviously good behaviour is expected and we’re sure by booking with Big Weekend you’re interested in having a quality time. Therefore you need to be aware you’re fully responsible for your property and the immediate environment, for example you’ll have to pay for any additional cleaning required or the repair of any damage caused. plus, if you damage the property beyond immediate repair there will be extra financial implications due to loss of business etc. Please also respect house rules e.g. no smoking, keeping outside noise to a minimum, etc. So to make certain you don’t get unfairly saddled with expenses that are not down to you make sure everyone is well aware of their responsibilities. In conclusion in the event that any issues do occur always own up straight away, therefore making the problem sorted in a quick timely matter that will have the least cost to all involved. And as a last word please be courteous to your hosts and the local population. if you’re not you’ll only mess things up for other groups and this is not fair.