Hen Party Budget

How much money will I spend on my hen do? Knowing how to budget for a weekend is important and I have experienced, first-hand, the distressing aftermath of a well-planned budget blown out the window. If you’re similar to me, knowing how much...see more

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Hen Party Activities and Dares

Hen Party Dares Hen Do Dares are both a great way to get the whole hen party laughing, as well as softly humiliating the bride-to-be on her final night of freedom. They're also a great hen party ice breaker to help connect the members of the group...see more

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York Hen Party Game Ideas

Hen Party Playdoh Pictionary You will need... A pack of Play-doh or plasticine Pieces of paper with the names of objects How to play... Split the hen party  into two teams, facing each other. Give each team a good-sized piece of the...see more

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Top Tips for Hen Party Games

Planing a Hen Party in one of our large holiday homes in York? Thinking about hiring a butler?! Why not have a glance at our "Top tips for hen party game success " 1) Know your group. The best games are the ones that have just the right amount of...see more

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York Hen Party Ideas

Game Ideas for your York Hen Do' Hen Party Scavenger Hunt You will need... A list of scavenger items Bags for the teams Digital cameras or smart phones How to play... Once you have got settled into your York hen party house, pour the...see more

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Hen Party Game Ideas

Game Ideas for your Hen Party in York! The Frocky Horror Picture Show You will need…   Lots of Bad photos! How to play... This isn't so much a hen night game, merely a chance for all the group of hens to have a real laugh and a walk...see more

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Hen Party Games

York Hen Party Game Ideas A hen party simply isn’t complete without a few hen party games. Hen party games and dares are not just great fun, they can be great icebreakers for your first night if not all the hens have met before, as is often the...see more

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Hen Party Survival Guide

A hen party isn't I'm A Celebrity, you won't be facing harsh conditions and need Bear Grylls number on speed dial  however for a big york hen weekend you might want a mini hen party survival kit! Home made hen party survival kits are a fun...see more

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Hen Party Games

More Game Ideas for your York Hen Party That’s Pants! You'll need… A pair of knickers from each hen How to play... What do your knickers say about you? Get all the girls to bring a spare pair and then place them all in a bowl (a bit like...see more

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Who’s coming to your York Hen Party?! Types of Hen !

Ladies, get ready for the weekend of your lives! Hen parties are some of the best events part of a woman’s world. They involve fun activities, a significant amount of vino and heart to heart girlathons. It’s a weekend dedicated solely to a good old...see more

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