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Your Booking

Key Dates
17th May 2021 – We will be taking bookings from a group of 2 households or group of 6. PEople can mix outdside up to 30 people
19th July 2021`- We will be open for our groups from mixed households

Do you have a booking with us? Here’s what to do:

Check the Government Website for any Covid restrictions

After reading the Government guidence you feel that you can travel and holiday with us please make sure that you have read Covid 19 policies on social distancing and keeping safe.

If you feel that you can’t come to visit us there are two options:

Option 1 – Postpone
You are welcome to postpone to a future dates to a house / weekend of the same value. We generally charge for movement of booking, however we may waiver this depending on circumstances.

Option 2 Cancel
If you choose to cancel the Terms and Conditions of your booking will apply. We are happy to waiver the cancellation fee if the reason is Covid-related, however please note that your deposit is non-refundable and if you choose to cancel less than 8 weeks prior to your stay you will be liable for some of the balance.

If your group is unable to attend as the booking is a group booking from mixed households and is dated prior to the 21st of June
Things to Consider:
1, If you cancel we are able to keep the credit on file and you can use for up to 2 years

2, You may still keep your booking deposit and may be used on a smaller house

3, The booked may be kept and used by for a family holiday of up to 1 household (if prior to the 12th of May) or up to 2 households / or 6 people (if prior t the 21st of June)