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Covid – 19

COVID-19 – Latest News

The well-being of our members, guests and our team is paramount and we want to assure you, health and safety is our absolute priority.

We have introduced a number of measures to help prevent the spread of the virus.  It is an extremely fast-moving situation and we are following developments with intense scrutiny so we can adapt where necessary. We are following the latest government guidence.

So far the picture here looks like this:

  • Schools remain open – Whilst this is the case we will remain open to our guests. Our terms and conditions remain the same. If this advice changes we will review our policy on this.
  • If a “lock-down” event occurs we will offer to move your booking to a future date.

We are constantly reviewing our policy. We are holding meetings as and when the news emerges. Please bear with us. We are a small family run company and do not have huge resources so will update the website as and when we can. Please call Kerry on 07764 465297 if you would like to discuss this with us.

In the meantime, stay safe and use common sense – we are all in this together – xx

Update : 18th March

Movement of Bookings : May & June Bookings
* Should you wish to move your booking with us, we have drawn us some guidence below to help you to make your decision . We are a small, family run business and our business insurance is not covered for a Pandemic. We are trying hard to make sure that we are flexible and that our guests remain happy. Please bear with us whilst this situation is emerging.

* Movement of Bookings: For dates in May and June :
The balance of your holiday is due 60 days before your arrival. If you are worried about coming to stay and wish to the change the date of your booking you must meet the following criteria:

* The balance of your holiday must have been paid in full and on time. We are unable to move bookings if only a deposit has been paid.

In line with our Terms & Conditions, there may be a movement charge of £50 to pay – Please contact us for more information as this may vary case by case. Please bear in mind that whilst we will make every attempt to ensure the date suits you and your group we cannot guarentee the same house or date of your choice. We have limited choice until after September, however we will try our best to ensure that your needs are met. Please feel free to call us or email if you would like any further information or reassurance