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Rules for the best York Hen Party Ever

Rules for the best York Hen Party Ever!

1 Organise it yourself! (if you want to)

If you have a clear idea of what you want or just that you love organising stuff then avoid nasty hen party surprises and bitter disappointment. Organising you own York hen party will mean that you get the best York hen party that you really want!

2, Dont get caught up in the numbers game

Awesome Hen Do’s do not need a huge crowd. Plus its far easier to organise if its a smaller number. Try calling restaurants in York and asking for a “table for 33”! Chances are you will be limited to 2 or 3 restaurants which is a shame for all the other lovely York restaurants that you may be missing out on


3, Throw yourself into it

When all eyes are on you, its easy to let nerves take over. If you dont know the agenda you could waste your whole evening worrying about whats going to happen on you York hen party!

4 Invite the right people

If you are hoping for a wild weekend – Hang  Over Style – you need the right people to make memories of the best York hen party! Throw in a few extroverts to liven things up a bit and leave the oldies at home – sorry Mum! You can allways have a more sophisticated do’ with the family later

5 Draw the line

Whether its naked antics or swimming in open water some hen do activites are more likely to give you a panic attack than treasured hen party memories. With ten of your best hens shouting encouragement it can be hard to say no, but if you  are really not comfortable then dont be afraid to speak up. This will not be the best York hen party if you are left in the toilets of a nightclub crying!!

6 Dont try to pack too much into your York hen party / hen weekend

You only get one hen do, so its totally normal to want to squeeze as much fun as possible out of it. However, scheduling a 90’s dance class followed by Gin Tasting, Sushi bar and disco boat is going to be pretty costly and exhausting! for the best York hen party, keep it chilled!