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Outdoor Party games for your York Hen Weekend

Fantastic  Outdoor Party Games for your York Hen Weekend…

With warmer months approaching quickly it’s great to have some outdoor games for your york hen weekend. These can not only take advantage of the great British summer but maximise your use of the garden or space around your cottage! All of our houses in the York area have great gardens with lots of space so use them to entertain your hens

york hen weekend
If most of the hen party knew the bride-to-be from school, this is an absolute corker in terms of taking a hysterical trip back in time! Don’t fret if not, it can still be lots of fun!

Old School Sports Day

Whether you decide to split  into teams or have individual events for the hen weekend there are a huge number of great games you can play to bring on the competition with a bit of fun. Think three legged races, hola hoop competitions, balancing bean bags (or water bottles) on heads or even the traditional Egg & Spoon race

Try to personalise the games for the hen weekend. Tryusing groom masks or old school photos. You could keep the score on a blackboard or have an appointed headmaster / headmistress to take control! Finish off with an afternoon outdoor Champagne Tea Party with your very own Butler for all the exhausted hens!
Create a treasure hunt full of cryptic clues, riddles or questions about the bride-to-be & groom. This can take the hens all around the cottage and garden. It’s a good idea to put people into mixed teams of people that have known the bride-to-be at different stages of her life.

2. ‘Treasure Hunt’:

A great finishing task is to get the teams to devise a rap about the bride-to-be. Alternatively, if you’re sneaky, you could plan that the last clue results in the hens finding the next activity such as a Cocktail Making class in the kitchen or a Craft Session in the lounge.

hen weekend in york
There’s a huge host of games to choose from to bring on the carnival chaos. Think apple bobbling, limbo, ‘Pop a balloon’, ‘Bean bag’ toss or even ‘Ring toss’. Don’t forget the candy floss, popcorn and toffee apples to make your york hen weekend feel that bit more authentic!

3. ‘Carnival Chaos’:

If you have time before you go and you feel creative you could decorate some empty tin cans for a round of ‘Tin Can Alley’. If you’re feeling particularly evil you could even use the grooms face or maybe even the Mother-in-law’s as decoration!

Another idea is to set up a table with different objects which everyone has to hoop. Make the prizes meaningful, such as: small bottles of beer, bottles of water, chocolate, lip balm, snacks or anything which the bride-to-be can relate to.
There are so many hen weekend games that can be played with water balloons:

4. ‘Water Balloon Craziness’:

    • Throwing Game: You’ll need ready made water bombs and empty buckets for this one. Get into teams and stand in a line equal distance apart. Give 10 water balloons to the front of the line and the bucket to the end. See which group can throw the water balloons from one end to the other, the quickest. The winner is the group which throws the most in the quickest time


  • Stand in a tight circle and throw the water balloon around the circle. If everyone is successful, take a step back. Repeat the throwing until the balloon pops. 
  • Make your obstacle course trickier by trying to negotiate it whilst everyone throws water balloons at you!