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How to make your York Hen Party Amazing!

You don’t have to do big expensive gestures but little inexpensive touches can add huge amounts of sentiment and make your bride feel loved. How many ‘extra touches’ you decide to add to your York hen weekend is up to you and how much time you have , but it is lovely to get something which will put a smile across her face and be totally unforgettable.

Here are our top tips for injecting some memorable aspects to your weekend:

1. ‘It’s all about the Bride-To-Be’:

It may seem obvious but it’s really important to make your bride to be feel special at all times.

  • Think of some fab questions which are all about her for the hen party Dinner table – when she met her husband to be, the most amazing thing about him, the part of the wedding she’s most excited about, what her dreams for her future as a”Mrs”.
  • If you are sitting in your PJ’s on the morning after a busy hen party night, encourage all the hens to tell stories about times they had with her.
  • If you feel that the spontaneous moments may not happen, you could ask everyone to bring along a song, poem or story about the bride-to-be and get her to read them out. This will add some really amazing hen party moments
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2. ‘Photos / Videos’:

Where would we be without pics & videos? They act as great hen party memories and best of all can record the hilarity, sentiment, happenings from the York hen party. It’s not just about posting them all on Facebook, flashing photos through snapchat or setting up a hen party Pinterest board however, it’s about going the extra mile.


  • Take old & new photos to decorate the cottage:
    • Take some of the husband to be: large, small, laminated, baby photos etc. as these can be scattered round the cottage, made into face masks or even stuck into a craft workshop memory board for the hen party.
    • Get all the hens to bring along a photo of themselves with the bride-to-be. The photos can be from anytime; childhood, college, school, work. Hang them around the  hen party cottage (from a piece of string / ribbon, like a washing line) for great flashbacks.
    • Lastly, take lots of bride-to-be photos from over the years as a celebration of her life and place them around your cottage.
  • Encourage photos being taken (as if you need to!) by taking photo booth effects like moustaches or champagne glasses. Print them off at the end of the weekend and put them in a memory book.
  • Take a recorded video of the groom answering questions for a game of Mr & Mrs. This not only brings in the love of her life but shows lots of love and pre-thought.
  • If you really want to go the whole hog, book a York hen party photoshoot as one of the activities for the hen weekend – this could come after a hair and make-up session to really capture the moment, people and love!

york hen party

3. ‘Decorations for your York Hen Party ’:

Make the York Hen Party amazing …..!

  • For the Bride-to-be. It doesn’t have to be ‘L’ plates but finding small things which she has to wear which say, ‘It’s all about me!’ are wonderful. There are so many available on the web: hen party badges, head pieces, sashes, T-shirts, hoodies, fancy dress costumes. If your hen has a particular penchant for something, shout it from the roof tops!
  • If you know she likes to stand out from the crowd, let her! Have an evening / weekend dress code where everyone is in black and the bride, in pink!
  • Personalise the ~York hen party survival bags: you can get water bottles with the brides name and little things which help with the theme such as red lipstick for a vintage theme or a small can of gin & tonic if that is her favourite tipple!
  • Food: if the bride-to-be has a love for a particular food take it with you and make sure she can’t get enough of it over the weekend. For instance, if her favourite food is Nutella, take jars of the stuff – you could even get a personalised jar of it!
  • Drinks: if she has a love of cocktails, why not book a Cocktail Masterclass within the cottage? You could even ask for the class could be tailored to recreate her favourite tipple!
  • Lastly, don’t forget hen party house decorations: photos, streamers, balloons, bunting. Just be careful that you have a way of putting them up which doesn’t strip the paint from the walls or damage anything.

york hen party

4 Music Play List

  • Prepare music playlists which are completely centred on the bride-to-be. Think of music for getting ready to, or, music for chilling down time. Talk to her close family & friends and find out what she likes (you’ll probably have a really good idea already) but also get ones which remind her of her hubby and also ones which remind her of certain events in her life or times spent with the hen party girls.
  • Create a song of the weekend by including a Recording Studio in your York Hen Party activities. Combined with a dance studio you could create a song and dance to be replayed at the wedding

5. Lastly, Pillow Surprises:

Don’t forget a little pressie or something which acts as a little surprise just before her head hits the sack

york hen party

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