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Hen Weekend in York – Do’s & Dont’s


Hen Weekend in York

Hen Weekend in York
Hen Weekend Dont’s

Booking the hen weekend can a worry! you wouldn’t dream of bringing together all our friends, family and colleagues on any normal weekend as they’re so different. But a hen weekend is the one occasion this happens. However…. now you’re going to throw them all together and hope for the best. So here’s our top hen party guide on how to make the perfect hen weekend for everyone without losing your friends, family, job or sanity!!




The Boss !

hen weekend in york

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t invite your boss to your hen weekend (Theres no reason you should either!) But there are lots of reasons to make sure they are not sat next to the one person who knows the every embarrassing story about you!

Fancy Dress on a Hen Weekend ?

Fancy dress on a isn’t for everyone on a hen weekend, if it is done well it can be brilliant and a great way to create togetherness. However done badly everyone can end up feeling awkward and uncomfortable all night. Choose any fancy dress idea wisely.

hen weekend in york
“No rush, pay me anytime”

Money can be such an awkward thing for people to discuss, especially if one person is left chasing everyone else for money. Book your hen weekend with a hen weekend provider that allows everyone to pay separately, or if not ensure that your chief bridesmaid will act as debt collector if anyone still hasn’t coughed up. This leaves you free from confrontation as the hen weekend in York approaches

“Who charged 3 bottles of Prosecco and a two-hour telephone call to Australia from their room?!?”

hen weekend in york
It’s My Party!

Yes it is. Its your Hen Weekend in York ! You should certainly have the weekend you want and not be forced to do everything to suit everyone else. But equally remember these are your guests and to create a truly brilliant atmosphere it’s best to pick activities that everyone can really throw themselves into.
“Well, what we’re doing is staying all of the hen weekend in haunted house…”
Weekend Millionairre
Not everyone has such big purses or pockets and not everyone has as much free cash. Set your budget to suit everyone as no one wants to dread the weekend for fear they have to sell a kidney to pay for it when they get home.

“I’m sorry, after all those cocktails the street value on your kidney is nowhere near as high now so we’re going to have to take a limb too.”