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Hen Party Budget

How much money will I spend on my hen do?

Knowing how to budget for a weekend is important and I have experienced, first-hand, the distressing aftermath of a well-planned budget blown out the window. If you’re similar to me, knowing how much you’re going to spend makes an experience less stressful for the following reasons… Planning is less complicated, there’s comfort in knowing how much you have to put aside and the anxiety of not leaving yourself enough money for your lunch time meal deal the following week suddenly vanishes. Nothing is free these days and a heavily packed hen weekend itinerary can mean stacking costs. We have surveyed 200 of our previous customers and averaged out the cost of a hen weekend so you ladies have a better knowledge of how many pennies need to be slotted into the Terramundi. Costs are of course dependent on where you decide to go and what you do… So to make it a fair test, our averages have been taken from customers who have gone to an array of destinations in the UK and abroad.

The average hen spent around £250 on their hen weekend, below is a break down of what that money was spent on.

Food and Drink

Starting with the most necessary element to your hen weekend, we’ll discuss the costs of wining and dining. As a weekend away is an excuse to indulge, overconsume and a hen weekend is an opportunity get a little boozier than you may otherwise do, food and drink is a large contributor to your weekend budget. In our survey of the 200 customers asked, the average spend came in at £150 – £180. This is quite a hefty chunk of the total spend, but eating and drinking is the epicentre of a social weekend so, in a sense, this is to be expected. We do advertise offers at certain restaurants for discounted prices for large groups of hens so, if you’re interested, make sure you contact one of our party planners. Set menus are also a great way to keep the price of a group dinner down so it’s sensible to see if the restaurant you’re interested in offers any deals. There is always one sneaky friend who orders lobster with a flute of Moet and stills asks to split the bill at the end of a dinner, set menus are a great way means of avoiding this situation and there’s less pressure on the restaurant too.

York – 2 course Meal out = £20 -25


Food and drink hen weekend


The cost of hen party travel can on occasion be expensive Opting for public transport as opposed to hailing taxis can help reduce costs significantly. If you are concerned about the reliability of public transport, which is justified, then booking transfers prior to your weekend provides you with a cheaper rate than taxi’s and ensures you arrive on time, just ask your hen party planner to put transfers in place. Uber is a cheap alternative to taxis and public transport as well, so do your research and see if Uber is available in the city you’re travelling to. Uber is certainly a better choice when travelling to London as traditional black cabs have become particularly dear by comparison! Travelling abroad can lead to you being cheated by taxi drivers, there are loads of scams on the roads of Europe preying on drunken or naïve tourists, so don’t fall into the arms of a hustler. Stating the obvious, walking around is one of the few things in life that is still free! So, smart planning and selecting drinking venues close to your hen party activities will also reduce the number of fares you and the girls end up paying for.

hen weekend travek


No hen weekend is complete without a crude paraphernalia, rude t-shirts with embellished with diamantés and penis straws so, this stuff has to be added to the budget as well. On average our hens spent £10-£15. Taking all this into consideration our hens spent about £250 each on their weekends without holiday cottage accommodation and activities. Including accommodation and activities, our hens spent another £200, bringing the total spend to roughly £450.

hen night