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Top Tips for Hen Party Games

Planing a Hen Party in one of our large holiday homes in York?

Thinking about hiring a butler?!

Why not have a glance at our “Top tips for hen party game success “Yorkshire Hen Weekend

1) Know your group. The best games are the ones that have just the right amount of challenge and naughty factor! Find out whether your party goers are going to be cool and classic, wild and feisty or somewhere in between.

2) Plan your space. Have your hen party games work with the decor of the party. A giant cardboard penis may look a little much if your theme is a subdued one! Hen party games should compliment not only the decor but the holiday home you have available.

3) Maximum involvement. Have a Butler in the Buff announce the games! read off instructions  and hand out materials. These handsome hunks know exactly how to get maximum involvement for shy or reluctant groups of hens. Don’t forget hen party games are a great photo opportunity!

4) Ice-breaker: No one knows how to break the ice better than a Butler in the Buff. Always the gentleman (hopefully), your Butler in the Buff will have your guests from work, college and family mixing, chatting and giggling together in no time at all.

5) Save the drinks for last: Even if the highlight of your girlfriends week is wine Wednesday don’t forget to pace the party! Plan the order that you play the hen party games to bring out the drinking games at or near the end.