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Vintage York Hen Party


The Hen Party clothes

Retro style icon Elvis influenced fashion for both the guys and gals of the 1950’s era and fashion became more accessible to the masses. Some of the era’s most influential style icons are still regarded as some of the most beautiful and inspirational women today. Famous faces from this point in time include Audrey Hepburn, and of course, Marilyn Monroe.

The 50’s also saw a rise in Chanel’s popularity as they released their chic suit. If Chanel is high on your Hen Party list but is a little out of budget fear not-you can re-create the look-think tweed, nipped in waists, below the knee skirts and of course, the classic tailored jacket.
The Hen Party Beauty

The 50’s was home to ultimate hen party glamour-the perfect style to take you from day to night on your vintage hen do. Lip liner became more popular during this era with most women opting for a poutier look, and powdered skin was the base of choice.

Eye make-up was light and pretty so if you’re not a fan of a dramatic look but heart a fluttery lash this could be the era to re-create.  Hair was worn rockabilly style by many-think longer locks with bandanas, curls, buns and bettie bangs.