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Hen Party Themes

Hen Party Themes and Dreams…… 🙂

So you have booked your York holiday home, you have gathered in the deposits, sorted the transport, now to decide on more fun stuff! Themes! Not sure what to decide upon? Well, here at Big Weekend York we have listed below are lots of inspirational ideas to help you plan the best ever York Hen Party!


Hen Party Name Game

Perhaps the big day will see the bride take on a new name that you can have some fun with; Carpenter, Archer, Walker, Butler, Bakers,Miller, Hunter, Cook, Constable, Fisher, Knight, Sergeant…………..The list is endless! and for some it really is all in the name when is comes to looking for the perfect hen party fancy dress idea.

Mark the Date

Alternatively the Bride’s date of birth could be the perfect starting place to sow the seed for fancy dress ideas. If she has an interesting birth date such as the 4th of July, St Valentines Day, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, etc. Alternatively the decade could be influential with an 80’s or 90’s spin on things.

The Classics

The Old Classics. Some hen party fancy dress ideas never seem to get old as they are easy for all the girls to find something suitable from their existing wardrobe without too much of a need for shopping (but hey, whose complaining about having to go clothes shopping?!?), or they are themes that can be found fairly easily in fancy dress shops.