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Hen Party Games

More Game Ideas for your York Hen Party

YorkhenpartygamesThat’s Pants!

You’ll need…

  • A pair of knickers from each hen

How to play…

What do your knickers say about you? Get all the girls to bring a spare pair and then place them all in a bowl (a bit like car keys at a swingers party). You then need to try and match the pants to the owner.


Guess Who – The Virgin Game

You’ll need…

  • Photos of the girls’ first flames
  • Large sheet of paper and Blu Tack

How to play…

Ask all the girls on the hen party to bring along a picture of the guy they lost their virginity to (it might require a bit of Facebook stalking to track them down). Then place all the pictures on a large sheet of paper you can hang on a wall. The aim of the game is to ‘guess who’ and match all the hens in the party to their premier conquest. Just make sure none of the photos is of the groom. Awkward!

Wedding Dress ER

You’ll need…

  • Materials to design your dresses
  • Two willing models


How to play…

So what would the bride do if her dress didn’t arrive in time for the big day? Thankfully she’s got friends like you to help on her hen party. As a trial run (and in case of emergency), collect some old material, ribbons, loo roll, coloured paper, foam, coloured tape, pipe cleaners… pretty much anything you can lay your hands on.

Split the hens into two teams, one team to dress the bride and one team to dress her chief bridesmaid.

Then give the teams just 5 minutes to create their wedding masterpieces. The glamorous results of your work should be posted onto social media


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