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Hen Party – Planning Tips

Send Hen Party Invitations

I can hear the excitement already! There is nothing better than receiving an old-fashioned post through the letter box!? They don’t have to have real butterflies popping out of them. DIY will do just fine!

 Hen Party Secret Mission!

Get everyone guessing with a mystery activity! This will have all the girls wondering what you hen party planners have in store for them. If they’re anything like me, it will drive them crazy. Check out out our blog for endless possibilitities and ideas. From Dance Classes to Raft Builidng! York has everything to offer from Sporty Hen Parties to a Great York “Bake Off” Hen Party!

Get networking – Hen Party Pages and more……..

Set up a Facebook York Hen Party  “event page” or WhatsApp/Viber Hen Party group to get the countdown officially under way. This will make it really easy for the girls to ask you any questions they may have and to get to know some names/faces they may be unfamiliar with. Send out a few emojis of wine and cocktails every once in a while to spread some hen party joy. These forums can be used after the party for sharing photos with the group aswell.

The Full York Hen Party Package

On the week of the hen, why not give the bride a fun surprise? How about getting together a parcel of things she might need for the hen. If she doesn’t know where she is going or what she will be doing (how on earth have you managed to keep all the juicy details under wraps!), even better … you could drop subtle hints in the package of what’s to come. Things you might include could be a  Hen Party bride-to-be badge, some Hen Party memorabilia from her single years or a hen party survival kit. Get personal, sentimental or better still, make her laugh.

Make sure every “hen” is involved

Get every hen party-goer to write a message for the Hen, make up questions for a hen party quiz, share embarrassing photos or bring small presents. It’s great to have a core group of hen party organisers, but if everyone is given the opportunity to contribute in some way, they will feel much more included and excited for the night ahead. Everyone at the hen party is important to the bride after all, not just the bridesmaids.