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Planning a Yorkshire Hen Weekend

Planning a Yorkshire Hen Weekend

Guest List and Who to Invite (and who not too!)

Yorkshire Hen Weekend

Potentially this can be a nightmare, a time bomb and a disaster waiting to happy. So think carefully before you even start! Usually this is task is the duty of the bridesmaid so give her a bit of direction if you need to. Is she expected to invite 80 year old Auntie Gladys or the old primary school friend that no one but the bride can cope with?

If you think people will clash, try splitting the day into different parts – the good old spa day is a safe bet for the mother-in-laws and aunties. The more wild evening is perfect for the party girls. If there is an extreme divide, consider having two hen dos. There’s nothing worse than having one or two people that don’t join in with the fun, or worse, ruin it for everyone else.


Save the Date

Planning a Yorkshire Hen Do

First things first, When choosing a date for a Hen Weekend,  allways choose a day or weekend at least two or three weeks before the wedding. Do not, (I emphasise this !), hold the hen night the night before the big day. This is the ultimate mistake…..I promise! Remember, plan well in advance so that you can maximise the numbers who are able to attend and remember this is the bride’s big night / weekend so make sure all the brides best friends can be there.

Mo Money, Mo Problems, (As lyrically demonstrated by P Diddy)

Yorkshire Hen weekend planning

Money, Mola, Cash. Dollar….. Whatever you call the cash, the situation needs some carefull consideration. Make sure you set a realistic budget for the Hens in the party. It can be a difficult balance on a Hen Weekend and may well effect the ‘who to invite’ list above and the ‘location’ below. But be assertive, don’t settle for the old ‘I’ll pay you later.’  excuse. This only leads to resentment when you find out that the particular friend turns up in a pair of Louis Vuittons! Also make sure that the bride is kept out of the money collection  – this should be a job for the chief bridesmaid,